Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 22 and beyond

Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and what better place to start your 2022 home renovation than the most utilised and homely room in your house — the kitchen!

Trends come and go, and in this article, we want to establish the biggest trends for 2022 that will last for longer than just a single season, taking you to the heights of exciting kitchen design.

Read on to discover the top ten kitchen trends for 2022.

1. Bold Colour Cabinets

A few years ago, bold colours in the kitchen became somewhat of a déclassé; now, however, boldness is in! Stark white and monochrome is so 2021, far too clinical and well—boring. So liven up the liveliest place in your house with intense, bold colour! A dusky red for the fearless to a muted duck egg for the shy and more reserved. For the smaller kitchen, a softer shade is ideal for opening the space, but for those with room to spare, go dark and be bold!

2. Inspired Curation

The kitchen has felt like a room that one only cooks in for far too long. Not any more! Custom created shelves, unique storage options and beautiful display cabinets can house all manner of nick nacks and sentimental items and are the perfect way of showing off your beautiful collections by having them form part of the natural ambience. It’s all about lived-in vibes that bring a chic finish to a room.

3. Black, the New White

Copper is out, black is in, but not just any black, matt black! Black accents are the hottest trend and one that has the longevity to see it through the years to come. For example, Black appliances, black utensils, and even black window frames can accentuate the total aesthetic because black goes with everything and has an elegant, masculine, yet feminine quality perfect for any home.

4. Island Destination.

The single island is perfect for the smaller home, but the double island is a revelation in kitchen design for those with space. As we spend more time in our homes, we need more convenient solutions to suit our everyday lives. A second island is a perfect addition for storage, working, prepping meals and serving cocktails at those quaint dinner parties.

5. Patterned floors

Patterned floor tiles are a fun and new way of livening up your floors and will add a touch of class and elegance when you team this with your bold colour cabinets and sleek accents.

6. Disappearing Cabinets

Clean and clear is the trend for 2022 and will continue for many years! A less cluttered kitchen is a clearer mind. Secret compartments that blend in with the walls are the best way to open your kitchen space without compromising design or storage capacity. And the best part, you can build in these secret storage panels in any area you like to house as much as you like.

7. The Hidden Kitchen

Who said the kitchen has to look like a kitchen? The brand new trend making its way into 2023 and beyond is the hidden kitchen, a kitchen that doesn’t look like a kitchen! For example, no upper cabinets, stylish and sleek sofas, a wardrobe style cabinet to store plates and crockery, so you can really get creative and think comfy and functional!

8. Linear Lighting

Linear lighting is functional and stylish. Gone are the days of elaborate chandeliers or the ugly spotlight style. Instead, kitchens are now having elegant linear lighting installed to bring a soft glow down the entire length of the room.

9. Seating for a crowd

Dinner parties are back and better than ever. The right dining space can provide the perfect setting for friends and family, without compromising on functionality. Also with clever design, you do not need a huge space for this.

10. Secret Storage.

If your kitchen is crowded and small this secret storage trend, which is on the rise in 2022, will be your perfect pairing. Secret storage spaces have a strong focus on minimalism, clean lines and surface space, with clever internal structural supports.

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