Create a larger family space with a new Extension


Which extension suits your property best and suits what you want?

Having a rear extension could provide large family space downstairs where you and your family can cook, dine and relax.

Or you may just want extra space in your kitchen. So an improved dining / cooking space here may be the option you go for.

Why not really connect with your outside space?

You could add a glass extension with folding doors to open the indoor space to the outdoors.

So some people can sit outside and some can sit inside – and you’ll never be that far apart. (This is great for family gatherings).

Or why not create an open plan kitchen.

This will link your dining area and kitchen together. If you have the space this may connect your living area too. Simply by removing a wall, a rear extension or a side extension can create this.

Reconfigure space you’ve already got.

Taking out or moving things out of the space you want to spend more time in can create extra space for family time.

Lastly, when we consider extensions we often think of indoor space. However, adding a taverna out the back may be an option for you. Add chairs, a fire, blankets, tables and this can add extra space for family time.

Whatever type of space you are after, whatever extension you decide, there are numerous ways you can do it.

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