Top 5 Extension Trends

The days of stark white walls and flat, dull spaces have gone. After the wake of the 2022 pandemic, people are continuing to spend more and more time in their homes; this has paved the way for more functional spaces, allowing us to work from home and allowed us to balance that lived-in feeling with modern style.

Here we share some great trends that enhance our work-life balance in 2022

1.   Pitched roofs

For the longest time, the modern-day extension has favoured the flat roof; however, in 2022, the trend seems to be falling in favour of the more traditional pitched roof!

It’s not hard to see why. The pitched roof creates a lot of head-space, elongating the walls to make the space feel more opulent.

Opening the space of your extensions is easier than you may think! The natural light floods the room with matt black frames and long panel windows, making a stunning skylight that will envy any home improver.

2.   Inside Garden

Reconnecting with nature will be huge, not just in 2022 but way into the future.

We seek comfort in nature more than ever, and your extension is the perfect place to do it.

Adding some fun exotic plants that adore the natural light is the best way of bringing the garden inside. Teaming this with well-placed succulents and quirky potted plants masterfully dotted about will add a touch of garden space that isn’t too overpowering. Think modern-day curated solarium vibes!

3.   Wraparounds

Some see the wraparound as somewhat of a lesser extension, but it doesn’t have to be. For example, many homes in the UK are too small for a full extension, but the wraparound can add more space and value just as effectively as a full extension.

Wraparounds seamless blend with your house, but the primary wall is glass, allowing for that traditional sunroom style on a smaller scale, the perfect addition to that London townhouse.

4.   Cultivated Spaces

Stark white walls & monochrome styles devoid of all signs of life – how 2015!

The new trend is lived in space, curated but purposeful. For example, showcasing a simple art piece on the main feature wall can keep the minimalist look but display your cultural interests. Likewise, displaying keepsakes and sentimental collection pieces in curated spaces like built-in display sections is the perfect way of keeping that homely feeling without going overboard.

The key is to put your personality out there for others to see but remember to hold back; there is a fine line between eccentric and personal. You want clean lines and surfaces and a place to feel cosy and happy.

5.   Crittall Style Windows

The most significant trend this year is the riseof the Crittall-Style window. The Crittall-Style window is both stylish and extremely expensive, but the look it gives is breathtakingly beautiful. Adorned panes of crystal clear glass in matt black frames that showcase the elegance and simplicity of this style truly capture the eyes and draw the attention, truly a must-have piece in any extension for 2022.